Premiered June 24, 2012


Premiere – June 24, 2012, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, Hollywood, Ca
‘Mallari’ refers to a grand musical composition that is played when the presiding deity of a temple is taken in a procession in the celebration of establishing good over evil. Mallari represents the sentiment ‘courage’ and is an inseparable part of temple festivities in south India. Nadaswaram, a unique and an ancient wind instrument along with the percussion instrument Tavil is used to play the Mallari during different times of the day in the temples. Mallari represents the essence of Bhakthi (devotion) tradition. Specific melodies called as ‘Ragas’ are laid down according to the time of the day and type of special rituals performed to the lord in south Indian temples. During the procession of the deity, musicians, dancers, flower girls, elephants, all become a part of the special event. Different types of Mallaris in specific melodies (Ragas) are composed according to the temple rituals: Waking up the Gods, Bathing and dressing up the deity, Offering lamps, flowers, and fruits.
‘Mallari’ pays homage to the many sights, sounds, and glory of south Indian music and dance heritage.


45 – 75 minutes: 7-9 Dancers
Production – Rangoli Foundation for Art & Culture
Artistic Director & Choreographer – Malathi Iyengar
Lighting Design – Eileen Cooley
Sets, Visuals, and Mask Design – Suresh Iyengar
Costume Design and Coordination – Lakshmi Iyengar
Wardrobe Assistant – Sheila Aula
Production Assistant – Christopher Taylor
Event Photography – Nick Barral
Video – Perfect Video
Cultural Advisors – Shaarada Chalan & Venkat Chalan
Sanam Chalan, Anjali Gopalan, Hema Iyer, Lakshmi Iyengar, Malathi Iyengar, Shilpa Mantri,
Sumathi Nanguneri, Navia Natarajan Menon, Anisha Rao, Akshaya Sekhar, Chirag Sumathi,
Dhruv Sumathi, & Nishitha Viswanathan