Premiered July 31, 2005

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, Hollywood
Enduring Traditions, presented by Rangoli foundation is a two-part program of Bharatanatyam (classical dance of India) performed by Lakshmi Iyengar and folk traditions of India performed by Rangoli Dance Company and guest artists from India.

Lakshmi Iyengar, disciple and daughter of Rangoli Foundation artistic director Malathi Iyengar, presents a solo Bharatanatyam feature, ‘Maathe Malayadhwaja’, a Daru Varnam. Enduring Traditions starts out with traditional work based on the Pandanallur-Tanjore technique of Bharatanaytam choreographed by Malathi Iyengar. The evening features additional works choreographed, taught, and conducted by Lakshmi Iyengar as part of the Master Teacher-Student Apprenticeship project administered by the Alliance for California Traditional Artists.
The second part of the concert features authentic folk dances of India taught by master artist Murali Mohan Kalvakalva (India) and performed by Rangoli Dance Company. The folk dances presented are learned in workshops taught by Murali Mohan as a part of the International Collaborations Initiative of Inter Arts program, administered by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Also presenting are international workshop artists Ranjith Babu, Neewin Hershall, S. R. Veeraraghavan, Gurumurthy, & A. P. Sarvotham who have taught traditional art forms of movement and music to the participants.
Lead Dancer: Lakshmi Iyengar
Rangoli Dancers: Shivani Aysola, Shayan Chalan, Rosina Didyk, Sheel Jagani, Hema Iyer, Mary Khetani, Sarah Mathew, Sandhya Rajan, Aarti Rao, & Soumya Sundaresh
Dancers from India: K. Murali Mohan, Ranjith Babu, & Neewin Hershall.
Musicians: Malathi Iyengar (Dance Conductor), S. R. Veeraraghavan (Vocal),
Gurumurthy (Percussion), A. P. Sarvotham (Flute), & Shankar S. (Violin)