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Press Releases
Rangoli Dance Company Presents Viriboni, an evening of vintage & new Indian classical dances – June 22, 2019
Rangoli Dance Company presents a Double Bill – June 24, 2017
Incarnations – June 25, 2016
Sacred Geometry – August 1, 2015
Enduring Traditions – June 27, 2015
Gestures – June 28, 2014
Ganesha + The Woodcutter and the River Goddess – July 14, 2013
Grand Performances presents ‘Love Trajectory,’ a COLA fellowship performance by Malathi Iyengar – June 28, 2013
Full Circle Summer Workshops & Performance – June 10-23, 2013

Press Images & Event Postcards
Krishna, a magnificent incarnation
Sacred Geometry
Enduring Traditions
Ganesha + The Woodcutter and the River Goddess
Love Trajectory
Full Circle


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Other Coverage

August 1, 2015 – Barnsdall Gallery Theater
Sacred Geometry

Audience Testimonials:
Hello Malathi ji,
Congratulations on yet another incredible performance, “Sacred Geometry,” on Aug 1.
Incredible choreography and performance. The dancers are always so poised and in sync and never fail to give their best.
Spiritual experience at its best.
A huge thank you to you, the dancers and those behind the scenes.
Never want to miss any of your performances and this time, along with the superb presentation, we also lost our heart in seconds to little Dhruv, such a precious and gifted child like all the other dancers!
All of us send you our very best wishes dear Malathi ji,
– Sonia Kumar

June 28, 2014 – Electric Lodge, Venice, CA

Audience Testimonials:
Thank you, your daughter, all the dancers, and volunteers so much for an incredible evening. The choreography was a masterpiece, and divinely inspired was your devotional commentary and explanations. The dancers transported us to another world, and their dedication and expertise was so apparent. I would have been very sad had I missed it!
Would love to know if there is another presentation of Gestures at a different venue.
With all good wishes,
Sonia Kumar

The program was very much worth it for me and I was impressed with the talent of these young girls/women. Of course they have an excellent teacher like you to learn from. Good luck for your future performances and it was a very fond memory for me to have been there! Hard to believe that more than 50 plus years ago, I was able to do some of those dances.
Arati Desai

March 21, 2014

July 14, 2013 – Barnsdall Gallery Theater, Hollywood
Ganesha + The Woodcutter and The River Goddess

Audience Testimonials:
It was a totally satisfying afternoon in the presence of the highest art. Conception is the beginning, but as William Blake makes us aware: “Execution is the Chariot of Genius!” Music. Dancers. Puppets. Sets. Costumes. Lighting. All of it wonderful! Thank you for creating this refreshment for our spirits.
James Goodwin & Sushiela Goodwin, Visual Artists – July 16, 2013

June 28, 2013 – Grand Performances, Los Angeles
Love Trajectory by Malathi Iyengar