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Artist Statement:
In my pursuit of artistic expression, sculpture remains the central part of my focus and blessing. My work focuses on the intersection of art, science, & spirituality. I like to create figurative sculptures with lot of details. I strive for visual balance, perspective, and dimension in creating abstract, traditional, and classical works. I have worked in many mediums but stone and Styrofoam remain best suited for my work mainly because of their beauty, texture, and malleability. The richness and diversity of my cultural background has provided me with powerful imagery to draw upon. Every piece I create is an experiment, and I continue to learn about myself, the material, and the subject.

Suresh photo 2009 aSuresh Iyengar was born in Dharwar, India, to a family of artists. He is a sculptor, painter, float builder, and a craftsman. Having been a visual artist since childhood, he has enhanced his skills by attending sculpture workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy, Cambria, and Los Angeles.

Suresh has been a sculptor and a contributing float-building artist for the City of Burbank Rose Bowl Float since 2004. He has won numerous awards and recognitions from the City of Burbank for his sculptures and artwork. His art works have been a part of Rangoli Dance Company performances and other site-specific concerts, museums, events, installations, and weddings all over California. His sculptures and paintings are also part of a private collection. Suresh has received multiple nominations for outstanding achievement in set design by the Los Angeles based Lester Horton Dance Award Committee. He is the recipient of the ‘Kannada Kala Bhushana Award ’ by the Karnataka Cultural Association, Los Angeles in 1999.

In addition to being an artist and a dentist by profession, Iyengar has been an avid jogger and a marathon runner from 1976 – 2013. He has completed several Marathons all over the United States and abroad. The list includes prestigious Marathons such as The Boston 100th Marathon, Paris, London, Munich, Chicago, Portland, St Louis, Honolulu, Big Sur, San Diego, Carlsbad, and Los Angeles. His best time in completing a marathon was 3:17 at the Carlsbad Marathon in 1996.

Suresh Iyengar’s drawings and art works are available for purchase. For more information regarding commissioning a new project or purchasing the existing art work, contact