Aarohi – Avarohi

Introducing Rangoli’s Music Concert Series

As part of our community outreach activities, the Rangoli Foundation has occasionally featured artists and scholars from various fields ranging from music, dance, visual arts, literature and Yoga in intimate settings.  Aarohi – Avarohi is one such initiative of Rangoli Foundation that took its roots in 1985 in Los Angeles and has continued to share the rich traditions of Indian classical music.  Aarohi – Avarohi music concerts happen at the Rangoli Space and is often followed by a post performance discussion with the artists.

Aarohi – Avarohi refers to the ascending and descending order of notes in a Raga.  In Indian classical music Raga refers to a musical scale formed by the permutation and combination of the Swaras or the basic notes (Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa).

Rangoli ARchive 1998 Amma Appa Suda