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Turmeric Juice

5CoverTurmeric juice can be a detoxifier, cleanser, digestive aid, or simply an immunity boost. It’s taste is strong, robust, rich, and refreshing. Turmeric is a very common spice used in Indian cuisine, but is also a sacred spice powder used during weddings and many rituals and festivities in India.

Fresh Turmeric Roots chopped – ½ cup [Chop about ¼ in. wide pieces. ]
Fresh Ginger Roots chopped – 1/3 cup [No need to peel the ginger. Chop about ¼ in. wide pieces. ]
Warm water – 2 to 21/2 cups
Lemon or Lime – 2
Mint Leaves



Wash the turmeric and ginger roots thoroughly before use.

Run the turmeric roots, ginger roots, and water through a juicer or blender. You can put the pulp back a few times to get all the essence.

Then strain the liquid to get the juice. I use a large tea strainer.

Add lemon juice, stir, and garnish with 2 to 3 mint leaves.

You can add a dash of honey to the Turmeric juice if you like it sweet. This is optional.

Add more water as needed for the consistency you prefer, and store in fridge.

It keeps for 2-3 days. My favorite time to drink turmeric juice is in the morning.


Turmeric Face Mask & Skin Care

Do not throw out the remaining pulp. In India, women often use a turmeric mask on their faces, arms, and legs to help rejuvenate dry or oily skin. Add a few drops of coconut oil or honey, lemon juice, and make a paste out of the remaining pulp. I usually apply this mask on my face once or twice a month in the mornings, leave it for about an hour, and shower. Although the skin becomes yellow, the stain does come off with a few washes. But the skin feels fresh and recharged after this treatment.

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Things to remember

All materials will turn yellow during the preparation although this can be washed off later with soap. It leaves a yellowish color on the skin, which will fade out after some time. If you do the treatment for your face, this yellow tint comes off after washing the face several times with soap, however it might still leave a faint glow. In India, this is something many women do often and then go out to work, and to other places in their daily routine. In the United States, it’s probably more common for women to do it on a day of leisure so it is more like a spa treatment.

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For health and medicinal benefits of using Turmeric and Ginger as a part of your daily diet, visit:

You can usually buy Turmeric and Ginger in Whole Foods, Chinese Markets, and Indian Grocery stores.