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I learned how to make Badam Kheer (Almond Milk) from my mother a long time ago.  It is a mainstay for many holidays and get-togethers.  Rich in taste, Badam Kheer is prepared from ground almonds, milk, sugar, cardamom, and saffron and is served hot.  Last year, my daughter introduced me to a variation, by making raw almond milk without milk and sugar.  It’s served cold, and is very light and refreshing!  Now I make this often for friends and family.

I soaked the almonds in water for over 8 hours and then blended with dates and vanilla pods.  Then I sifted using cheese cloth and served it chilled.  I also made another batch with cardamom and saffron to give it the Indian touch!




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IMG_3790My mother wrote this brief recipe for Badam Kheer (Baadaami Paal) long time ago.  Baadaami means Almonds and Paal means milk.

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