malathi bioMalathi Iyengar is a Los Angeles based choreographer, dancer, writer, and visual artist. Iyengar holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Choreography and Performance from University of California, Los Angeles. Iyengar studied Bharatanatyam (classical dance of India) from guru Narmada of Bangalore, India and choreography and improvisation under the mentorship of Marion Scott.

Iyengar received the 2013 C.O.L.A. Individual Artist Fellowship for choreography from the City of Los Angeles. Iyengar is also the recipient of Lester Horton Award for Outstanding Achievement in World Dance for her choreography “Shivaya.” Iyengar has received numerous other distinctions for her choreographic works and is recognized as a Master Artist of Bharatanatyam dance by the Alliance for California Traditional Artists. Some of her other awards include Hind Rattan Award, Rainbow Award (LAWTF), Hindu Temple Asthana Vidushi Award, Durfee Foundation Award, Brody Fellowship for Performing Arts, Alma Hawkins Award for Excellence in Choreography, John Lennon Performing Arts Award, Glorya Kaufman Award, J. and Watumull Award. Iyengar regularly teaches Bharatanatyam, production and presentation seminars, and intercultural dance theater. Iyengar is the author of ‘Dance & Devotion’ published by Rangoli Foundation. Iyengar is the artistic director of the Rangoli Dance Company & Rangoli Foundation for Art & Culture, a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1985. Iyengar served as an adjunct faculty at the Santa Monica College Dance Department from 2009 – 2013.

Lakshmi bioLakshmi Iyengar, a Bharatanatyam dancer is the disciple of guru Narmada, Malathi Iyengar, & Bragha Bessell. Lakshmi has performed extensively all over the USA, Canada, and India, including the December music and dance festival season in Chennai and Bangalore. As a lead dancer for the Rangoli Dance Company, she has performed in all choreographic works of Iyengar. Lakshmi, a recipient of the Alliance for California Traditional Artists 2004 Award, has received multiple Lester Horton dance award nominations for outstanding achievement in Performance. With over two decades of dance experience and training in film and video production, Lakshmi has been a production designer for Rangoli productions since 2001. Lakshmi has a Masters in Entertainment Industry Management from the Carnegie Mellon University and a B.A. in Theater (Production Design) and Italian from the University of California, Los Angeles. Lakshmi has studied Italian literature and theater at the Universita’ di Bologna, Italy and worked for the Cineteca di Bologna. Lakshmi is a Manager of Worldwide Acquisitions, Universal Pictures.
SureshSuresh Iyengar born in Dharwar, India, is a sculptor, painter, and a craftsman. Having been a visual artist since childhood, he has enhanced his skills by attending sculpture workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy, Cambria, and Los Angeles. His artistic works have been a part of several productions of Rangoli Foundation as well as other site-specific concerts, museums, events, installations, and weddings all over California. His sculptures and paintings are also part of a private collection. Suresh has received multiple nominations for outstanding achievement in set design by the Los Angeles based Lester Horton Dance Award Committee. He is a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists. He is the recipient of the ‘Kannada Kala Bhushana Award ’ by the Karnataka Cultural Association, Los Angeles in 1999. Iyengar has been a contributing artist and sculptor in building the City of Burbank Rose Bowl Float since 2004. In addition to being an artist and a dentist by profession, Iyengar has been an avid jogger since 1976. He trains regularly and has run over 150 Marathons all over United States and abroad. The list includes prestigious Marathons such as The Boston 100th Marathon, Paris, London, Munich, Honolulu, Big Sur, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
christophertaylorChristopher Taylor has extensive experience in both theater and in office administration. He received his BFA from Grinnell College in Iowa, majoring in Theater.  He then continued his acting training for four more years at The Juilliard School, graduating in 1990. Writing projects have included short stories, an extensive adaptation of Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta “The Grand Duke,” a TV-pilot entitled “Kasanova” developed with Reddy-Or-Not Productions, and currently a one-man show, “Let There Be Rum (A Rum Show).” Working experience in office administration for 16 years has included the New York Academy of Medicine Library, NYU, the University of Minnesota, Oasis Theater Company and as Administrative Associate at Rangoli Dance Company.
Sheila colorSheila Aula, a Bharatanatyam dancer is a disciple of Malathi Iyengar of the Rangoli Dance Company. She began studying dance in 2003 and has also studied Abhinaya (Art of Expression) from Bragha Bessell, Yoga from Ranjith Babu, Dance Theory from Neewin Hershall, and Folk Dances from Murali Mohan Kalvakalva. Since her Arangetram (solo dance debut) in 2007, she has performed in several Rangoli Dance Company performances including Patanjali, Paintings of the Divine, Ankle Bells and Painted Faces, and Shivaya. In 2010 she traveled to Bangalore, India to perform in Iyengar’s ‘Shivaya’. Sheila is a recipient of the Rangoli Artistic Merit Award (2010). Sheila assists and teaches beginner level classes at the Rangoli Studio. She also has been involved with wardrobe, and other production related work for many Company productions. Sheila is currently working as an event planner in Los Angeles, and pursuing a degree in Business Management at California State University Northridge.